Lightering Operations

Always on standby, Republic Helicopters is prepared to meet your helicopter transportation needs. From your ships arrival until your ship’s completion, Republic Helicopters, Inc. is the most resourceful and responsive helicopter service available. We understand getting surveyors onboard on arrival so that there is minimal lost time. We understand getting your surveyors off on completion so that your ship can depart. Our staff is available day and night to service your needs.

Cargo is accepted after hours (by appointment).

We are approved to fly the US Coast Guard for your COC inspections.

External Load Operations

We are certified under FAR 133 to carry cargo externally. This means that if you have bulky or heavy cargo, we can carry it below the helicopter. We will place your cargo inside a cargo net and attach it to the helicopter by a 50 to 100 foot line and transport it for you.

We can carry up to 800 lbs outbound (dependent on distance). It is a very convenient way to get certain items transported if time is critical.

US Government

We are certified through the US Department of the Interior (National Business Center, Aviation Management, formerly OAS) to fly for the US Government. This is also the certification that allows us to fly the US Coast Guard to oil tankers and drilling rigs.

We have aircraft certified and carded to perform

Capacity Approval
External Loads: Sling
Low level (500 feet and less): Reconnaissance
Aerial Applications: Ping Pong Ball
Fire Suppression: Helitack / Initial Attack
Fire Retardant – Bucket and Tank

We are also approved for the following special uses: offshore navigation vessel or platform landings and extended over water.


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